Nexus Viper® Class B+ Motorhome RV Series

The NeXus Viper Class B+ RV series are gas motorhomes with a V10 gas engine, and are built on a cutway Ford E Series chassis. These RV motorhomes have many similar characteristics as its Class C sibling, except they do NOT have an overhead sleeping section. Also, they are built with pre-molded front cap runningboards and wings, so they are quite Aerodynamic. These are great for those wanting a smaller motorhome RV that can maneuver a bit easier into tight spaces. Please see below for more information on the different NeXus Viper Class B+ motorhome RV makes.

Nexus Viper-rv

Nexus Viper Motorhome Floorplans & 360 Views

See below for floor-plans, 360-degree views, and more on each of the different NeXus Viper Class B+ motorhome RV makes available.

Nexus Viper 25V Class B+


Viper 25V Floorplan


Nexus Viper 27V Class B+


Viper 27V Floorplan


Nexus Viper 29V Class B+


Viper 29V Floorplan