Confidentiality Agreement

Galaxy RV undertake to respect your privacy. Galaxy RV do not try to gather personal information for reasons other than those you are aware of and to which you have consented. Galaxy RV will not try to sell, rent, lend, trade or give your e-mail address, mailing address or telephone number to a third party without your express authorization. The information you provide us is protected and cannot be accessed by an outside party.

Disclosure of personal information

Any information identifying you (name, mailing address, phone number, etc.) may be necessary in order to send you certain items. With your consent, this information may be shared with some of our partners in order to improve our services or to inform you of new services available. This means that you may receive, by mail or e-mail, information from companies other than ours on services or items that are likely to be of interest to you.

Disclosure of non-personal and statistical information

Galaxy RV may share with their partners or a third party non-personal information on its users, which is a common practice on the Internet. For instance, we may provide statistical data on the number of users in a specific region. The information provided is for statistical purposes and under no circumstances reveals your identity.

With your consent, Galaxy RV will send you relevant information on its partners or third parties

If you indicated that you wish to receive additional information when you registered your e-mail address, Galaxy RV will send you e-mail that they believe will be of interest to you. The information will concern new products and services offered by our partners. We will take the necessary steps to ensure you do not receive any undesirable e-mail.

Galaxy RV are not responsible for the confidentiality agreements of the partners that you contact

Galaxy RV may present you with advertisements or links to other sites. When you click on these links or promotional banners, you will access the relevant sites. In this event, Galaxy RV no longer have control of the non-disclosure agreements of these sites or the personal information they may request of you. Thus, we are not responsible for the confidentiality policies or contents of these sites.